Partners in your journey towards wellness

Wellness starts by knowing yourself better, by being conscious of how you live, what influences you and the choices you make. The essence of wellness is conscious living.

At Wellnessence, we help you find and stay on that path to conscious living. Our integrated therapies for the body, the mind and the spirit, help you understand yourself better at all three levels. Our goal is to empower you to overcome the beliefs that deny you the wellness you deserve.

Wellnessence has its roots in Homoeopathic philosophy and began as a clinic that has served over 30,000 people over 20 years.The processes that we follow and the therapeutic tools we use help our patients find the root cause of the derangement of the vital force that is blocking their path to true wellness.

This state of imbalance may manifest as a disease or as a stubborn block in the path of the progress you seek. Once we know the cause, we work with you towards a sustainable resolution.

By qualification and experience, we are doctors. However, we consider ourselves as facilitators; partners in your journey towards lasting wellness.



  • Graphology Sundays by Zubin Vevaina

    Every Sunday from 10th July 2016 for 3 months.