Care Beyond Medicines:

Homoeopathic Philosophy extends beyond only medical care to include all healing modalities and lifestyles that enable the life force to thrive and grow.

Various therapies hasten holistic healing and often support homoeopathic treatment to bring complete recovery.

At Wellnessence, suitable therapies are recommended to people after understanding their need.

Most patients are encouraged to bring lifestyles changes as necessary to achieve and maintain whole health.


Focused on the Person, Not Just The Disease.

Homoepathy is a holistic system of medical care which understands the roots of disease. Whether it is a common cold or a cancer there is always a disturbance lying below the visible symptoms of the disease. Symptoms are only a result of disturbance in the life force which governs the functioning of our mind and body. Bringing the life force, mind and body into alignment restores complete wellness.

Homoeopathic medicines have the ability to act on the deeper life force and produce long lasting changes in the health and vitaility of the person. Cure is a gentle process of subtle changes in the state of the body, mind and spirit.

At Wellnessence, a Homoeopathic case study involves a very detailed  conversation to understand the patient’s mind and body. The medicines selected and presecribed after such a study restore the body and mind to its natural balance, removing disease, reviving health and harmony.

At every point, the patient is actively involved in the process of recovery. Observing and reporting all changes in your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual states helps us correctly assess the holistic improvement in health. Making lifestyle changes in diet, nutrition and physical exercise under guidance from our experts supports homoepathic treatment and bring balance and ease in life.

Diet & Nutrition

Reaching the state of whole health is a process of awareness and choice. Correct nutrition and healthy eating habits bring a general state of well being and enhance sleep, stamina and all normal functions of the body. Correct eating habits also contribute to emotional balance and clear thinking.

Eating the right food, in the right way, in the right manner at the right time not only aids speedy recovery from all diseases, but also plays and integral role in preventing chronic illnesses like diabetes, heart attacks, high or low blood pressure, cancers, kidney and liver problems.

At Wellnessence, we understand individual needs. All nutritional plans are made to suit the individual person. Diet & nutritional counselling  guides to correct food habits for specific diseases. Nutritional counselling also helps to develop healthy eating habits for all. Periodical workshops and demonstrations provide guidance and training with healthy recipes that blend both – nutrition and taste. Awareness about the effect your food has on the mind, body and soul, helps you make conscious dietary choices towards a healthier lifestyle.

Fitness & Physiotherapy

One is fit when one is able to carry out daily activities efficiently, without feeling tired. A fit person has enough stamina to go through a normal, active day.

Being fit is a necessity regardless of age, occupation and absence or presence of disease.  When one’s occupation is sedentary, it is even more important to adopt a fitness regimen to maintain strength and agility. A regular fitness routine or association with a group which is involved in fitness builds a positive attitude and self confidence. Exercise also reduces stress and lightens the mind and body.

Physiotherapy is helpful when the body has suffered damage and needs help to return to normalcy. This could be age related or due to external injury. Physiotherapy involves the use of manual and mechanical forces and movements to remedy muscular damage. It promotes stability, restores mobility, regain strength and brings agility to sustain a healthy, active life.

Undertaking all exercises under the guidance and supervision of experts who understand the anatomy and functioning of the body is very important. This avoids unexpected injuries and ensures the correct technique of exercise.

At Wellnessence, general fitness and physiotherapy are supervised by medical experts who understand the anatomy and functioning of the body. The first step is an evaluation of the physical fitness of the person. According to individual needs, the person is guided towards correct body posture with appropriate exercise techniques towards an active life free of aches and pains.

Where therapy is needed to restore fitness, the regimen is tailored to suit the individual’s requirement and phase of recovery, without using elaborate equipment.

Aesthetic Care

Beauty may lie in the eyes of the beholder, but it depends on one’s health and state of mind.
At Wellnessence, aesthetic care does not start with a product. It begins by understanding the person fully—the body type, the attitude and the problems.  The primary physician briefs the aesthetic care consultant about the patient’s medical and emotional profile when referring one for some aesthetic help.
When it comes to products, all products are made in-house by specialists, who have a thorough grounding in ayurveda and naturopathy.


The handwriting reveals more than the words.

Graphology is the science of understanding the human thought process through handwriting. Every individual has a unique personality, which gives unique characteristics to one’s handwriting.  Graphology is based on sciences like Geometry, Human anatomy and Psychology.

The science of graphology studies the structure, flow, spacing and every characteristic of the handwriting. It reveals the true nature of a person which is otherwise clouded by misconception and judgement. It allows to observe the mind and its work without bias.

A handwriting analysis can deliver deep insights to a person about the inner conflicts, physical health, intellectual abilities, success and relationships. This empowers one to understand one’s own thoughts as well as others too. For e.g., a teacher can understands her students better through their handwriting and recognise their strengths and weaknesses. A teenager with mood swings and behavioural troubles can be helped better by his parents after his handwriting is analysed.

Graphotherapy recommends changes in one’s handwriting so that it influences one’s personality, helping to correct physical health, performance and emotional issues.

At Wellnessence, the graphologist analyses a handwriting to assess the state of mental as well as physical health of the person. The patient is given small and easy tasks or exercises and is also taught to replace negative strokes with positive formations. This brings about changes in subconscious thoughts, which in turn has a positive effect on one’s personality.

Training workshops in Graphology attempt to give your health in your hands, empowering you to know yourself and others around you better.

Arts-based Therapy

Letting imagination express emotion

  • You feel an overwhelming and prolonged sense of helplessness and sadness.
  • Your problems don’t seem to get better despite your efforts and help from family and friends
  • You find it difficult to concentrate on work assignments or to carry out other everyday activities.
  • You expect the worst from yourself and others and feel like you’re constantly on edge
  • Your actions such as drinking too much, consuming drugs, or being aggressive are harming you or others.

Art is creative expression and can take many forms. It lets one explore and express oneself without any boundaries. Arts-based Therapy (ABT) uses creative expression to improve the physical, mental and emotional well-being of individuals of all ages. The focus is on one’s feelings and perceptions. Imagination is allowed free reign.

At Wellnessence, ABT helps one increase self-awareness, enhance self-esteem, resolve conflicts, develop interpersonal skills, manage behaviour and reduce stress. We have used ABT to remedy emotional and behavioural health problems, learning disabilities, neurological conditions and traumas.

Creative Movement Therapy

Free the body, free the mind

Creative Movement Therapy, also known as Dance Movement Therapy, draws on the principle that the body, mind and spirit are connected. Conscious and unconscious movements of the body affect one’s whole personality.

At Wellnessence, the therapist takes the participants through a series of movements that help the participants to gain a deeper awareness of one’s body and emotions through movement. As the body regains its freedom of expression, the mind too shakes off its bonds. It enables spontaneous expression of feelings without words. There are no rigid rules of motion or aesthetic considerations associated with movement therapy. The focus is on fun rather than performance.

Having worked with people of all ages, we at Wellnessence have found Creative Movement Therapy to be a wonderful means to reduce anxiety, enhance body awareness and improve communication skills.

Cellular Healing

Tapping what the cells remember / The Body Remembers it all

Every cell in our body responds to the thoughts we think and the words we speak. At a very young age, in early childhood we absorb habits, attitudes, behavious, emotions etc form or surrounding environment, parents, teachers, peers, televisions etc. Many of these are unprofitable to our own self in the future. We form beliefs which protect us from pain but limit our own growth and happiness as adults.

We may forget something that might have happened to us when we were very small. But our body rememebers. Our body is a mirror of our thoughts, emotions and feelings. It stores all impressions, memories, traumatic events and limiting beliefs.

Cellular healing provides a choice to re-program our childhood conditioning and use it in our favour to achieve our potential in life. Cellular Healing works on three levels – Conscious Mind, Subconscious Mind and Body.

It is useful in all types of pain – physical, mental nd emotional. It is beneficial in stress, anxiety, low self esteem, behavioural problems, negative thoughts, learning disorders, fears, and poor communication ability.

Cellular Healing works through precision muscle testing, a method that uses the energy that passes through and individual’s muscles as an emotional bio-feedback. This method helps to identify the cause of origin of physical and emotional difficulties.

At Wellnessence, the therapist helps to gently reframe and re program cellular memories to build healthier patterns. The communication with cellular memories empowers the patients to answer their own questions and create their own solutions. This helps the person to achieve his true potential and be happier. The therapy opens up new possibilities and offers new hope.

Past Life Regression

Answers from the past for problems of the present

Regression means a return to a past state. Past life regression (PLR) has been practised since ancient times in several cultures. In the second century BC, Patanjali, the revered author of the Yoga Sutras, described PLR as pratiprasav or reverse birthing.

PLR is a healing technique that taps the subconscious memories of earlier lives of a person to go to the root of a present problem that needs resolution.

The healer guides the person to a deep state of relaxation, helping the person relive memories of previous lives and states of existence. As the person recounts what one is experiencing, the healer helps to identify events that could have contributed to the current unresolved problem.

Reliving past experiences and reviewing them objectively allows new learning. When integrated with the present, this wisdom makes way for a richer and more fulfilling life.

At Wellnessence, two healers are always present during every PLR session, to correctly align presenting symptoms with the revealed memories and to interpret those objectively. Every session is conducted with the full knowledge and consent of the person about to undergo PLR.

At the beginning of every session, both the person and the healers remain unaware of what might come up during the session. However, once a person undergoes PLR, he develops a greater awareness about his purpose in life and greater clarity about the path he needs to take.

Inner Child Healing

Tapping the inner child to resolve grown-up issues

Impressions of experiences at a young age (or even when in the womb) have a profound effect on the choices one makes as an adult. In Inner Child Healing, the person is guided back to the memories of a younger age or right back to the time when one was in the womb.

A child is innocent and carefree. As one grows up, that child is conditioned to become more serious and loses the innate joy. Interestingly, everyone endeavours to find the joy that is trapped within the child imprisoned in every adult.

Inner Child Healing helps to rediscover this child. It also helps to discover the origins of issues that may be affecting one’s wellness at some level. This discovery or knowledge makes it possible to lead a more fulfilling life in the present.

Rebirthing Breathwork

Inhale the positive, exhale the negative

Rebirthing Breathwork helps to release consciously- or unconsciously-stored stress, pain, and emotional trauma, using a gentle, yet powerful breathing technique.  The process also identifies and reverses limiting beliefs that are formed before, during and after birth. This frees up space for joy, love, health, prosperity and more positive functional relationships.

Family Constellation Healing

Correcting the dynamics of relationships

Each person maintains an emotional and energetic connection to one’s family, regardless of geographical or economical distances separating the members. When these connections are entangled, there are disturbances in the physical, emotional and spiritual levels. Family constellation healing brings to light the hidden dynamics of relationship within a family, possibly going back several generations.

During family constellation healing at Wellnessence, the therapist uses representatives to find each member of the family the right place in relation to others. This helps to heal dysfunctional equations and thus restore the natural flow of love and respect.

Often, the communications during a session are telepathic, unless the therapist requests a representative to speak aloud the emotions he or she is experiencing. The person who is seeking a solution through the session observes as an outsider and may eventually replace one of the representatives after all are most comfortably positioned. The repositioning continues until one gains enough insights to resolve the issue.

Telepathic Animal Communication

Rediscovering telepathic communication with fellow animals

All living beings are born with the ability to communicate telepathically. When we become dependent on verbal communication, we tend to ignore telepathy. However, with some interest and training, it is possible to regain our telepathic ability and use it to communicate with animals.

Telepathic animal communication is gaining in importance in hectic modern living as pets fill an important gap in the basic human need to love and be loved.

The most common reasons why people approach Wellnessence to communicate with their animals are:

  • To understand why there is a sudden change in behaviour.
  • To know why an animal is ill and if it has any special wish or request.
  • To find out if the animal has any specific message for the pet human.

Animal communication provides a wonderful opportunity for learning and healing. Information obtained telepathically by the members of Wellnessence team has helped improve mutual understanding and heal relationship even among human beings in the family. Pets tend to be loyal and protective. Their intuition and knowledge provide insights that are beyond normal human perception.

Normally, we tend to dismiss animals as “dumb”, but as experienced animal communicators, we at Wellnessence are always humbled and surprised by how much we get to learn from every animal.


Demanding routines and hectic schedules have become an accepted way of life today. The stress that this creates in the body and mind seems inevitable to most. While coping with the need of the situation is important, creating peace in our body and mind is also essential for our health.

Stress can be different for different people. The way we perceive things around us, the extent of disturbance it causes in us, the manner in which one responds to it changes from person to person. Palpitation, muscle tightening, aches and pains, sudden variations of mood are immediate responses to stressful situations. Diseases and illnesses are also a result of stress.

If there is no way to change the external situations that cause stress, how does one deal with it? The answer lies in changing the things within us – improving our ability to relax internally and respond calmly to situations.

Meditation can induce relaxation, reduce the feeling of physical and mental stress and bring harmony in the functioning of the body and mind. Regular practice of meditation improves concentration, increases awareness, decreases fear, anxiety and aggressive behaviour. It lowers blood pressure, improves circulation, lessens allergies and corrects addictive behaviour. The result is a healthy body and peaceful mind.

Continued meditation quietens the mind, improves awareness of our inner self and takes us on a journey of self observation and self realisation. We learn to respond to the moment in a calm and appropriate manner.

At Wellnessence,