Alka Korde Senior Therapist, Aesthetic Care

She makes her own products for hair and skin care. Often, she makes something special, off the menu, if someone needs it. But, for Mrs Alka Korde, the products are secondary.

“What is primary for me is to understand the patient and the root cause for which the patient wants a solution. That beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder is only half the story. The other half depends on your health and your state of mind.”

When she started working in beauty parlours soon after earning her Diploma in Beauty Culture from YWCA, New Delhi, she noted that similar products and treatments were being offered to all, regardless of age and the customer’s true need. She felt this was not right.

That conviction was strengthened when she worked with two reputed international companies as a Beauty Advisor.

“Two persons may have a similar problem, but the same solution may not work. I tried to understand more about the products in the market. There was really no way I could find out what actually went into these products. Then I realised that if I wanted full control over the products, I had to make them myself. The answer was in nature. I turned to naturopathy and started making the products I needed at home.”

So far, Mrs Korde has completed more than 26 years as an independent professional and teacher in her chosen speciality.

“For me, aesthetic care is more than just selling a shampoo to a patient with hair problems. At Wellnessence, we try to understand him or her fully—the body type, the attitude and the problems, some obvious, some not so obvious. The biggest advantage for the patient at Wellnessence is that there are experts to heal specific problems. In fact, the primary physician briefs me about the patient’s medical and emotional profile, before referring one for some aesthetic help. The hair problem that is denting the patient’s confidence could be just a symptom.”

Mrs Korde is rather amused by the modern craze for instant solutions. She gets brides who want to look fairer overnight. She often ends up repairing damage caused by harsh chemicals.

“You have to give it time. You have to respect nature; you have to respect your body. There is only so much you can do, but that can be quite a bit, if you do it right, using the right products.”