A WhatsApp forward instructs: “Let go of the past, don’t worry about the future, live in the moment, live in the NOW!”

Another on Facebook urges: “Grudges hold you back; forgive, break free, move ahead!”

A motivational talk guides: “Be kind to yourself; love yourself as you are!”


We are inundated with such and more inspirational thoughts over the social media and countless books from our favourite book store. And we do often lap them up enthusiastically.  And yet in the real day, we find ourselves lacking the health, peace and joy that we so much desire and strive for.

Is it really possible to live these states? Surrounded as much as one is with unpleasantness, can one really achieve the joy and peace that one wishes in life?

Yes! Better health, greater joy and peace can be reached even in the toughest of circumstances.

This interactive workshop helps you explore your inner world—the emotions, the traumas and the experiences that have shaped you. As you delve deep and heal your anxieties, sorrows, grudges and fears, you loosen and snap the bindings of past traumas. You begin to build a more meaningful relationship with yourself and others. As you learn the origin and cause of your problems, you also learn that the responsibility and the ability for your healing lies within you. You emerge as what you were always meant to be—a happy, healthy, aware and loving spiritual being!


Frances Rebello
Creative Director, Catfish Communications, Mumbai

I found this workshop very effective in dealing with your emotions, understanding how we tend to be judgemental, the incorrect beliefs we hold on to and the way it affects the way we deal with people. It has some very valuable learnings and practical ways to live better. I would recommend it. There are no religious inclinations but can be an immensely spiritual experience. If that’s what you’re looking for!


BEING The Eternal Observer: Know Thyself, Heal Thyself takes you on a lovely psycho-spiritual journey over two days to discover and build your inner strength.  Lucid presentations and group discussions bring deep personal awareness—the first step to healing. Personal interactions help to explore the core issues of each participant. Fun activities and games allow learning the light and easy way. Basic meditative techniques and visualization sessions help to connect with the true self within. Inner child healing relieves painful childhood traumas that influence and dictate adult perceptions and actions. The group regression process guides participants into past life memories, helping to observe and untangle deep unconscious patterns to bring ease and peace in current life situations.


Anushka Nagpal
Homemaker, studying law

This workshop has helped me in dealing with my innermost fears that I’ve had and I’m now been able to deal with them. The awareness itself evolves you as a different person completely and it is very effective in getting you to handle situations better. On the whole, an amazing experience doing this workshop.


  • Observe yourself and others without judgement.
  • Understand your relationships and learn ways to resolve strains.
  • Strike a balance in the family, work and personal space.
  • Know bias that influences your perception in your life situation.
  • Experience freedom of choice by changing your view of reality.
  • Understand the Body-Mind-Soul connection in everyday life.
  • Become aware of your true inner self and discover your limitless potential.
  • Gain a different perspective of your life and know why you are here.
  • Know the origin of diseases and the process of cure and healing.
  • Heal painful childhood memories through the age regression process.
  • Discover the roots of your current life issues through past life regression process.

Dr Sanjay Manwani
Homoeopathic Consultant, Durg, Chhatisgarh

I attended this workshop with my wife Dr Neeta and other homoeopathic doctors. The experience of workshop cannot be described in short because months later also it is going on. It has initiated a process for me which continues to give fruit.
The workshop helped me to understand my own self in more depth, to discover my personality pattern and handle it.
It continues to give me clarity towards my perspective in life. I now feel balance and have learnt how to handle myself. After the workshop my productivity has increased and perceptions are clear. I find happiness, stability and self-awareness. This workshop touched me in depth. Qualitative changes occurred. Really amazing and worth experiencing.

Dr Rahul Malushte and Dr Tamanna Chellani
They are Homoeopaths and Counsellors for over 20 years. They integrate their experience in Homoeopathic medical practice and their understanding of human behaviour gained through spiritual processes and regression therapy. They believe that healing occurs effortlessly through awareness and conscious living. An easy flow of emotions received with open hearts creates space for unconditional acceptance in their workshops, allowing each participant to share and rediscover the love within.

BEING The Eternal Observer: Know Thyself, Heal Thyself is a journey that began with a group of Homoeopaths.Over the years, the workshop has helped not just doctors and therapists, but also people from different walks of life in various cities all over India. Many participants have experienced life-changing transformation.

Saturday, September 24, 2016. 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Sunday, September 25, 2016. 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Hotel Shri Pancharatna, Opposite National Institute of Naturopathy, Near Pune Railway Station, Tadiwala Road, Pune 411001.

For confirmed and paid registrations by 5 p.m. on September 17, 2016: ₹ 6000.
For registrations after this date: ₹ 7000
Registrations close at 5 p.m. on September 23, 2016.

CONTACT : For more information and help with registration, please call Ms Navneesh: +91 9890138526, workshops@wellnessence.org.



The workshop is tailored to suit the needs of every participant present.  For this reason, we prefer a small group and have limited seats. If you are keen to attend, we request you to register at the earliest. To ensure your participation, please fill the following form and we shall get in touch with you to complete the registration.

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Kindly ensure that your mobile number and email address are current and correct. Please note that registration will be confirmed only after realisation of payment before September 23, 2016. We prefer payment by NEFT. We shall email the bank details for payment.

Franchelle Raj
Playnasium Facilitator, Angels Mind & Wellness Clinic, Mumbai

Doing this workshop for me was life changing. It helped me accept both, myself and others for what we are. I learnt to understand why people do things they do and am so much more at peace with myself and the universe! And realised that in doing so, I am healing myself! I strongly recommend that everyone do this!