Dr. Pooja Oswal  Therapist, Homoeopathy

She could have opted to be a physiotherapist (“should have had a stronger body”) or a dentist (“peeping into mouths all day? Nah!”) but finally settled for homoeopathy. Because homoeopathic medicines had helped Pooja tide through some health issues during her teens.

By the time she was in the second year of her course at Dhondumama Sathe Homeopathic Medical College, she was in love with the subject and sure that she wanted to start her own clinic one day.

After she graduated, Dr Pooja did have an opportunity to treat an acute case and shatter a myth about Homoeopathy.

“One evening, my 12-year old neighbour came to me in panic. She could not open her mouth and was in intense pain. With great difficulty, I opened her mouth a little and I could see her throat had turned red. I gave her one dose and soon, she was sitting there very relieved and talking to me.

Another three doses over the next day and she was absolutely fine. People have this misconception that Homoeopathy takes too long and is no good for acute cases. I was happy I had an opportunity to prove this wrong.”

Soon after Dr Pooja registered for her master’s course, she heard that Wellnessence was recruiting homoeopathy doctors. “I was looking for a practice where I could work full time and learn. So, I joined.”

What she has been experiencing at Wellnessence is “different” kind of homoeopathy. “The case taking is so detailed, there is a great emphasis on the psychological aspects and every patient gets so much time.”

She gained better knowledge about the various therapies on offer at Wellnessence during the first Wellnessence retreat at Lonavla during May 2016. “I love this concept of Wellnessence. Wellness has so many dimensions and medicines are not always the solution. I think this is the best a patient can hope for.”

She is sure that she has miles to go and lots to learn. And she is looking forward to the years ahead with great excitement. “One day, with more knowledge and experience, I will be able to provide care for a patient from start to end. I am sure I will be able to do that in Wellnessence.”