Dr Priyanka Jadhav Senior Physician, Homoeopathy

A long, recurring battle with sinusitis robbed Priyanka of success in her school final examination and also her self-confidence. On the positive side, as she looks back, it also introduced her to Homoeopathy.

“The disease was making me suffer, the medicines were making me feel drowsy and, to top it all, the side effect of one of the medicines landed me in hospital for 15 days. Then I started Homoeopathy and miraculously, I was free of the symptoms in one week. I wondered how these small pills could have such an effect and asked my homoeopath many questions. My career choice was made right then: I just had to learn more about Homoeopathy.”

She joined Bharati Vidyapeeth’s Homoeopathic Medical College in Pune in 2005. In college, her teachers would tell her that she would make a good homoeopath. But, Priyanka felt she had to learn a lot more.

Along with her internship, she also completed a nine-month course in emergency medicine. “I felt that, as a doctor, I had to be able to handle any emergency at any time.”

Then she joined the Institute of Clinical Research (ICR), where she developed her confidence to be an independent practitioner. While at ICR, she served patients in remote villages as also those in urban centres.

By the time Dr Priyanka joined what was then Healing Touch, she had already made up her to mind to practise classical Homoeopathy.

Soon after, someone suggested that she would do well to learn Reiki. “My family was pressurising me to get back to Mumbai, there was this expectation of establishing a steady, lucrative practice, and it was also time for me to settle down and get married. I was under so much stress that I was not able to sleep. The immediate effect of Reiki was that it helped me heal myself. After a long time, Reiki helped me enjoy a deep sleep.”

She believes there is great synergy between Homoeopathy and Reiki. “I have had very good results from patients, whom I help with both Homoeopathy and Reiki. When there is no ease at the mental level, there is disease at the physical level. Reiki helps to clear the chakras and restore the flow of energy.”

Dr Priyanka is pursuing her M.D. in Homoeopathy. So, what next? “Having experienced the benefits of healing at different levels, I am happy to be a part of the Wellnessence team. Yes, I will continue to learn more. That will never stop. I also hope to find more time for dancing and to learn the guitar. I hope to travel and practise Homoeopathy in other countries.”