Your chance to rewrite the rest of your life

All your life you have been resting on Sundays. Now, for the next three months, you can spend Sundays learning a skill that can change the rest of your life.

For the first time ever, Graphology Sundays come to Mumbai! This is strictly for the ambitious. For those who want to have fun learning a skill that’s equally fun to practice. Who are tickled by what appears to be magic and want to know all about the science behind it.

Zubin Vevaina, who has designed and will conduct this package of graphology courses for you says what he will be teaching is the science of handwriting analysis based on physics, geometry, human anatomy and psychology. Zubin is a science graduate, who transformed himself from a chronic failure in school to a successful entrepreneur who has helped change the lives of hundreds. All thanks to graphology! As you will discover for yourself.

Here is a quick look at what this Wellnessence package of workshops has for you. Pick your Sundays(s), pick your course.

Quick Graphology, will quickly teach you how to analyse handwriting in English or any other language.

Basic Graphology is for beginners who want to use it for life-changing benefits and also to practise graphology as a hobby.

Mystic Graphology will teach you how to understand your life path and enhance your success.

Professional Graphology is for the really serious graphologist who wants to know it all from A to Z.

Zubin will be happy to answer your questions before, during and after the course. He believes in giving everyone his personal attention and so will take only eight students per course.

Please call him right away on +91 9158997956 to register.


All courses will be at Angels Clinic, Juhu, Mumbai.

In July, August and September, hope it rains happy and productive Sundays for you!