Navneesh Makkad Therapist, Cellular Healing

Navneesh is the youngest member of Wellnessence. She is part of the team that welcomes you to Wellnessence, briefs you about the various therapies available to you and guides you through the information-gathering process.

Navneesh went through science and political science during her school and college years, but developed a keen interest in healing at the age of 17.

“I had many questions. Is this what life is all about—study, find a job, marry, raise a family—or is there more? The search for the answers brought me to a path where science and spirituality meet.”

She was first introduced to cellular healing when she underwent the process at a friend’s suggestion. “My problem was low self-worth. I was trying to please everybody, win everyone’s approval. The session healed me and gave me greater confidence. Now, I know this is what I want to do and I am happy doing it.”

Cellular memory works at three levels: the body, the conscious and the subconscious. It is the process of reaching out to the memories at the cellular level. Starting from the time a person is in the womb, the body starts recording memories and never forgets anything. The body never lies and cellular healing taps this fact to trace and defuse memories that cause hurt at one of the three levels. It is replaced by a positive substitute, opening up fresh choices for the patient.

“Cellular healing can work only if there is total assurance, trust and harmony between the therapist and the patient. The patient is always in charge. The therapist simply facilitates the process of healing.”

Navneesh is keen to take up advanced studies in cellular healing and then go on to learn other therapies.