We were all taught to write well during our early academic years; but when the time came to design a signature for ourselves, the guidance received was mostly unclear and at times non-existent. This left us with signatures that do not truly represent our true potential.

Our signature represents us in the public environment. If our representative looks good, then it makes us look good too.

So what exactly is a “good signature”? Is there a possibility to enhance the signature that you already use? Yes, there is! And you can learn it in just four hours in this workshop.

This interactive workshop helps you explore your inner world—the emotions, the traumas and the experiences that have shaped you. As you delve deep and heal your anxieties, sorrows, grudges and fears, you loosen and snap the bindings of past traumas. You begin to build a more meaningful relationship with yourself and others. As you learn the origin and cause of your problems, you also learn that the responsibility and the ability for your healing lies within you. You emerge as what you were always meant to be—a happy, healthy, aware and loving spiritual being!

“…quality sharing of authentic knowledge happens in the most basic and understandable manner….”



This Wellnessence workshop is designed to teach you the importance of a signature and what it represents. This is an opportunity for you to understand the dynamics of a signature and how to harness it to your advantage.

At the end of this workshop, you will be able to design a new signature or enhance your current signature. This will bring greater clarity to your thoughts, give you better command over your will power and enhance your self-expression. A stronger signature will help you attract better health, career growth and cordial relations. You will learn to analyse signatures based on Graphology.


“Zubin Sir is a gifted teacher… His depth of knowledge in Graphology is immense….”



Graphology is the science of understanding the human thought process through handwriting. It is based on sciences like Geometry, Human anatomy and Psychology. Once you learn Graphology. You can analyse a handwriting sample or a signature in any language, whether you understand that language or not.




Zubin Vevaina, the facilitator of this workshop, has been practising Graphology since 2005. He has analysed over 7000 handwriting samples and signatures and has shared his experience at workshops both in India and abroad.




Sunday, September 25, 2016.
3 p.m. to 7 p.m.



2nd floor, Heaven Height, Near Badhai Sweets and Saraswat Bank, Salunke Vihar Road,
Pune 411040.



₹ 4400

Registrations close at 5 p.m. on September 24, 2016.



For more information and help with registration, please call Ms Pooja Lalchandani: +91 9730635506 or email workshops@wellnessence.org.



Seats are limited as we believe in giving personal attention to every participant. If you would like to ensure your seat right away, please fill the following form. And we shall get in touch with you to complete the registration.

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Aanchal Keswani
Ex lecturer (IPCC-CA); Trainee psychologist

“It has been enriching to learn the complexity and detailing of Graphology from Zubin. He ensures that quality sharing of authentic knowledge happens in the most basic and understandable manner. His perspective on the topics brings in new light and beginning.

Above all, his holistic approach to the subject is mesmerizing. Human anatomy to sacred geometry all integrated in the same; compounded but made simple.

I would like to convey my gratitude and heartfelt thanks for his unconditional support at all times.”


Nirmay Chheda
MBA (USA), CFA, ADIFT, M. Com. Clinical Therapist, Marketing and Business Development Professional

For me it has been a transforming experience learning graphology from Zubin. I realized that graphology is not just a science to know a person better but a tool to help oneself live in sync with one’s purpose and be in tandem with universe.
Zubin is one of the few who have touched the soul of this subject for their own spiritual awareness and are spreading the knowledge to transform other lives.”



Yash Salunke
Zubin Vevaina’s first student; B.Sc. Economics, London School of Economics

“Zubin Sir is a gifted teacher. His ability to devise ingenious examples from everyday happenings to elucidate concepts ensure that you as a student remember the application of Graphology to everyday life and, hence, further appreciate the science of handwriting analysis. His depth of knowledge in Graphology is immense and his persistent support helps one to take steps towards being a talented handwriting analyst.

I consider myself very fortunate to have had his guidance throughout my journey in Graphology. I highly recommend everyone to learn Graphology from Zubin Sir, else you may miss out on a wealth of knowledge that although otherwise obvious, would have missed your observation.”


“I have known Zubin for about 6 months. My first interaction with him was for his analysis of my handwriting. Little did I know that I would end up learning from him due to his impressive and precise handwriting analysis.

His patience to teach and his beautiful way of elaborating and explaining each topic are commendable. So is his ready answers to questions.

His teaching and guidance have helped me shape my career in Graphology.”

Nupur Gupta
Vastu consultant and graphologist


“The work that Zubin Sir does is really good—the kind of examples he gives and the way he analyses. He is very friendly and his way of teaching goes deep into the topic. I’m happy that I got such a good guru!”

Nikhil Jain