Right process, right result

Once you register with Wellnessence, we begin the process of getting to know you as well as we can. Then we recommend the path towards wellness that is best for you. It might include a combination of therapies or simply a subtle change in how you live and respond to your life. The list of therapies that follows is for your information; the recommendation is best left to Wellnessence experts.


Discovered by the German Physician, Dr Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843), homoeopathy is a system of medicine based on the principle similia similibus curentur—let likes be cured by likes.
Every living organism is governed by a vital force . Homoeopathy believes that disease results when this vital force is disturbed.  Symptoms are manifestations of illness and a signal that the body is taking action to overcome the illness. Homoeopathy triggers the body’s own defense mechanism to cure the disease.
Homoeopathic medicines are prepared from natural substances and energy sources. Successive dilutions raise the potency or curative power of the medicines, while eliminating all toxicity.
At Wellnessence, our homoeopathic physicians do not treat the disease, but the patient. We follow the classical homoeopathy approach, where the process begins by gaining a thorough knowledge of the physical, mental and spiritual state of the patient. Very often, the root cause turns out to be different from what the symptoms suggest. While the symptoms may settle down soon, correcting the root cause may take longer and involve multiple processes.

Diet & Nutrition

Life needs food to survive. The right food cooked the right way and taken in the right manner at the right time promotes good health always, whether one is ill or well. Unfortunately, many get all four aspects wrong in the rush of modern living. As a result, there is a need for therapy to correct one’s diet, while ensuring regular availability of essential nutrition.
A good, balanced diet helps one reach and maintain a healthy weight, reduces the risk of chronic diseases and promotes our overall health. At Wellnessence, diet is not all about numbers—so many kilos of body weight, so many grams of protein, carbohydrates etc.  The focus is creating awareness about one’s own diet and the effect it has on one’s mind and body. More than any drastic change in the diet one is used to, what works better is this awareness.

Fitness & Physiotherapy

One is fit when one is able to carry out daily activities efficiently, without feeling tired. A fit person has enough and more stamina to go through a normal, active day. One does not fall sick easily and frequently when one is fit. Being fit is a necessity regardless of age and the absence or presence of disease.
Physiotherapy comes in when the body has suffered some damage and needs help to return to normalcy. It involves the use of manual and mechanical forces and movements to remedy muscular damage, to promote stability and to restore mobility.
When one’s occupation is sedentary, it is important to adopt a fitness regimen to maintain strength and agility. On the other hand, when one is recovering from an accident or injury, physiotherapy helps to regain strength and agility and to sustain a good quality of life.  In both cases,
At Wellnessence the approach is to guide the person how to maintain fitness in order to ensure a good quality of life. Where therapy is needed to restore fitness the regimen is tailored to suit the individual’s requirement and phase of recovery, without using elaborate equipment.

Aesthetic Care

Beauty may lie in the eyes of the beholder, but it depends on one’s health and state of mind.
At Wellnessence, aesthetic care does not start with a product. It begins by understanding the person fully—the body type, the attitude and the problems.  The primary physician briefs the aesthetic care consultant about the patient’s medical and emotional profile when referring one for some aesthetic help.
When it comes to products, all products are made in-house by specialists, who have a thorough grounding in ayurveda and naturopathy.


Every individual has a unique personality, which gives unique characteristics to one’s handwriting.  The science of graphology studies the structure, flow and spacing of one’s writing. Graphotherapy recommends changes in one’s handwriting so that it influences one’s personality, helping to correct physical health, performance and emotional issues.
The graphotherapist at Wellnessence interprets one’s handwriting to assess the state of mental and physical health. The patient is taught to identify negative strokes and replace those with positive strokes. This brings about changes in subconscious thoughts, which in turn has a positive effect on one’s personality.

Arts-based Therapy

Art is creative expression and can take many forms. It lets one explore and express oneself without any boundaries. Arts-based therapy (ABT) uses creative expression to improve the physical, mental and emotional well-being of individuals of all ages. The focus is on one’s feelings and perceptions. Imagination is allowed free reign.
At Wellnessence, ABT helps one increase self-awareness, enhance self-esteem, resolve conflicts, develop interpersonal skills, manage behaviour and reduce stress. We have used ABT to remedy emotional and behavioural health problems, learning disabilities, neurological conditions and traumas.

Creative Movement Therapy

Creative movement therapy, also known as dance movement therapy, draws on the principle that the body, mind and spirit are connected. Conscious and unconscious movements of the body affect one’s whole personality.
At Wellnessence, the therapist takes the participants through a series of movements that help the participants to gain a deeper awareness of one’s body and emotions through movement. As the body regains its freedom of expression, the mind too shakes off its bonds. It enables spontaneous expression of feelings without words. There are no rigid rules of motion or aesthetic considerations associated with movement therapy. The focus is on fun rather than performance.
Having worked with people of all ages, we at Wellnessence have found movement therapy to be a wonderful means to reduce anxiety, enhance body awareness and improve communication skills.

Cellular Healing

We create a belief system as a child to protect ourselves from pain, fear and fear of more pain. Gradually, this becomes an integral part of our subconscious survival system. Even as adults, when we feel stressed about anything, we perceive it as a threat and automatically retreat to our childhood belief system. We may forget something that might have happened to us when we were very small. However, the cells that make up our body never forgets and stores all impressions and memories.
At Wellnessence, cellular healing attempts to correct issues at this very basic level through precision muscle testing, with minimum physical contact. The therapist uses the energy that passes through an individual’s muscles as an emotional bio-feedback.
This communication with cellular memories empowers the patients to answer their own questions and create their own solutions. The therapist helps to reengineer subconscious limiting beliefs, thus opening up new possibilities and offering new hope.

Past Life Regression

CCRegression means a return to a past state. Past life regression (PLR) has been practised since ancient times in several cultures. In the second century BC, Patanjali, the revered author of the Yoga Sutras, described PLR as prati prasav or reverse birthing.
PLR is a healing technique that taps the subconscious memories of earlier lives of a person to go to the root of a present problem that needs resolution.
The healer guides the person to a deep state of relaxation, helping the person relive memories of previous lives and states of existence. As the person recounts what one is experiencing, the healer helps to identify events that could have contributed to the current unresolved problem.
Reliving past experiences and reviewing them objectively allows new learning. When integrated with the present, this wisdom makes way for a richer and more fulfilling life.
At Wellnessence, two healers are always present during every PLR session, to correctly align presenting symptoms with the revealed memories and to interpret those objectively. Every session is conducted with the full knowledge and consent of the person about to undergo PLR.
At the beginning of every session, both the person and the healers remain unaware of what might come up during the session. However, once a person undergoes PLR, he develops a greater awareness about his purpose in life and greater clarity about the path he needs to take.

Inner Child Healing

Here, the person is regressed to a younger age or right back to the time when one was in the womb.
Impressions of experiences at a young age (or even when in the womb) have a profound effect on the choices one makes as an adult.
A child is innocent and carefree. As one grows up, that child is conditioned to become more serious and loses the innate joy. Interestingly, everyone endeavours to find the joy that is trapped within the child imprisoned in every adult.
Inner child helps to rediscover this child. It also helps to discover the origins of issues that may be affecting one’s wellness at some level. Once again, as in PLR, this discovery or knowledge makes it possible to lead a more fulfilling life in the present.

Rebirthing Breathwork

Breathwork helps to release consciously- or unconsciously-stored stress, pain, and emotional trauma, using a gentle, yet powerful breathing technique.  The process also identifies and reverses limiting beliefs that are formed before, during and after birth. This frees up space for joy, love, health, prosperity and more positive functional relationships. This therapy is also known as rebirthing breathwork.

Family Constellation Healing

Each person maintains an emotional and energetic connection to one’s family, regardless of geographical or economical distances separating the members. When these connections are entangled, there are disturbances in the physical, emotional and spiritual levels. Family constellation healing brings to light the hidden dynamics of relationship within a family, possibly going back several generations.
During family constellation healing at Wellnessence, the therapist uses representatives to find each member of the family the right place in relation to others. This helps to heal dysfunctional equations and thus restore the natural flow of love and respect.
Often, the communications during a session are telepathic, unless the therapist requests a representative to speak aloud the emotions he or she is experiencing. The person who is seeking a solution through the session observes as an outsider and may eventually replace one of the representatives after all are most comfortably positioned. The repositioning continues until one gains enough insights to resolve the issue.

Telepathic Animal Communication

All living beings are born with the ability to communicate telepathically. When we become dependent on verbal communication, we tend to ignore telepathy. However, with some interest and training, it is possible to regain our telepathic ability and use it to communicate with animals.
Telepathic animal communication is gaining in importance in hectic modern living as pets fill an important gap in the basic human need to love and be loved.
The most common reasons why people approach Wellnessence to communicate with their animals are:

  • To understand why there is a sudden change in behaviour.
  • To know why an animal is ill and if it has any special wish or request.
  • To find out if the animal has any specific message for the pet human.

Animal communication provides a wonderful opportunity for learning and healing. Information obtained telepathically by the members of Wellnessence team has helped improve mutual understanding and heal relationship even among human beings in the family. Pets tend to be loyal and protective. Their intuition and knowledge provide insights that are beyond normal human perception.
Normally, we tend to dismiss animals as “lowly” creatures, but as experienced animal communicators, we at Wellnessence are always humbled and surprised by how much we get to learn from every animal.